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The company

EU Trading Solutions is a company created to generate business opportunities, being a reliable partner for companies that want to sell their product or that are looking for suppliers in Europe.


EU Trading Solutions' mission is to be a reliable partner in the European market for companies that want to internationalize their product or that are looking for new suppliers, generating business opportunities with quality in an agile way and bringing security to all agents involved in international trade.


The vision of EU Trading Solutions is to be known internationally and recognized as a reliable partner in the European market offering excellent international trade solutions, with qualified professionals and personalized service.


- Honesty

- Ethic

- Transparency

- Agility

golden rule

- Respect

- Innovation

- Team work

- Trust


The company was founded by Lucas F. Rech.

Over the past 14 years, Mr. Lucas has been involved with international trade, having experience in export and import operations in Brazil/Europe, taking care of international logistics, Imp/Exp documents, customs clearance, opening new markets, international sales and trading services.

He has dual citizenship being Italian-Brazilian.


That's why, in 2016, he decided to move to Spain and open a company with his Spanish partner to import and introduce the Brazilian fruit Açaí in Europe.

Today, the company called Coraçaí Alliance Europe operates in the ports of Valencia and Rotterdam to import and distribute Acai and many other frozen fruits in the European Union for Foodservice companies, Industries, Retailers, E-Commerce and also offering Private Label services.

In 2023, Mr. Lucas decided to found EU Trading Solutions to act as a reliable partner and generator of business opportunities for companies that want to sell a product or are looking for new suppliers in Europe, bringing security and excellence in international trade operations.
The company is located in Madrid, Spain, just a 1-3 hour flight from the main European cities.

If you need a partner for your business in Europe, you just found it!

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Lucas F. Rech
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